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Balanced Rehab is a Full Service
Physical Therapy Practice


Balanced Rehab offers comprehensive Physical Therapy Services. We offer individualized care to all patients, including a private room when requested. Although we specialize in Balance Disorders, our depth of experience enables us to confidently care for all of your physical therapy needs.  Additional specialities include:


  • Manual Therapy

  • Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

  • Neurological Disorders

  • Golfer's Program

  • Epley Manuever 

  • Pre and Post-Operative Orthopedics

  • Balance and Vestibular

  • Back and Neck Treatments

  • Sports Medicine

  • Spine Rehabilitation

  • Pediatric Therapy

  • Gait Training

  • Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning 

  • Posture Training

  • Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis Re-education

  • Annual Wellness Checkup



Balanced Rehab Physical Therapy offers a Free Step Down Program to all graduating patients.  Each patient is invited to participate in our program to continue the progress that they have made during their therapy.  The only condition is that they come in a minimum of one time per week.  We have patients participating in our program for the last 10 years!

For questions please call our office at 252-2400.

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